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tv   10 News at 600pm  CBS  January 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> i watched her be this way with other children. she is aggressive and ugly to the kids. >> reporter: with a crack in her voice he faced a judge wednesday after being arrested for child abuse. according to the arrest report she dumped water on the head of the victim and forcefully flew water in the child faced. the boy began to cry. >> i pulled my daughter to part- time because i was afraid she was not in good hands all day long. >> reporter: little started in august last year and had special needs training before she was hired. >> the director fired her. he explained what happened and was remorseful for it. we said we are sorry and doesn't matter. we dismissed her immediately. >> reporter: the defendant targets children who are slow learners and have disabilities.
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from the sheriff's office about the allegations. i was told they will be investigated thoroughly. >> i have an autistic boy myself. i can sympathize with the parent. >> reporter: she is glad she won't be back. >> little is still in jail held on $3,000 bond. we found tools to help you research a daycare in your neighborhood. head to and click seen on tv. we are on top of a developing story. a school bus filled with kids crashes in river view. sky 10 fly over the wreckage you can see. it happened before 3:00 on highway 301. it sent three people to nearby st. joseph's hospital south where kendra conlin is live now. how are the kids doing? >> reporter: we know two kids from the school bus as well as another driver had to be taken to the hospital to get checked
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look at the video from sky 10. you can see the kids on the stretchers there being taken to the hospital. i can tell you that other students on the bus tell me one boy hit his head on the window and the other had a shoulder injury. since i talked with you at 5:00, we learned the name of the bus driver. 63-year-old marilyn ray who is cited for causing the crash with 31 kids on board from summer field crossing elementary. he turned left in front of the blue suv that had been heading south on 301. parents are frustrated saying she is entrusted with the kid's safety and should be punished. >> i think it is scary as a parent. they need to do an investigation to find out what happened. >> there was a car crash. everyone was screaming and crying and two people were hurt. >> reporter: we have been
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driver's record and found she was cited for running a red light two decades ago. the school district is looking into her history for us. you can head to to find more about 10 investigates findings into who is really behind the wheel of these school buses carrying such precious cargo. fresh off his state of the state address governor scott stopped by brandon to push his plan for tax cuts and new jobs. we caught up with scott and asked about the supreme court decision that rules our state's death penalty unconstitutional. >> we are reviewing that decision. i can tell you, as governor, it is a solemn duty and the law of the land. what i think about when i'm involved in that is the victims. >> the supreme court says jury's play an adversary role in recommending deaths while a judge reaches a difference decision.
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tour across the state. our childrens public schools are gun-free zones. that may all change under a new bill. sarasota lawmaker proposes allowing concealed permit property. 10 news reporter isabel agrees. >> reporter: a patrol car belonging to a school resource officer at sarasota high school should provide a sense of security. not to this dad. >> one gun can not protect so many. he can only be in one place at one time. >> reporter: that's why he supports the school safety bill allowing licensed weapon holders to carry their guns into elementary, middle and high schools. under house bill 4055 school districts will not be allowed to opt out. >> we are not creating our own sense of security.
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citizens the ability to defend themselves. >> reporter: public schools are gun-free zones. >> unfortunately our children and gun-free zones are targeted because there is not a law abiding citizen that can quickly react to a scenario. >> i would not feel safer. i would feel more threatened if a teacher had one. >> reporter: even if they had gone through the background checks you could not feel safe? >> no. i wouldn't. one day they could snap. >> reporter: some of the concerns about holders are not based on facts. >> they are six times less likely to commit a crime than law enforcement officers are. you are talking about an people. >> i want to carry mine on else around. >> reporter: in sarasota isabel mascareas 10 news wtsp. >> school district opposes the bill. to read their entire statement
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click seen on tv. gossip website pushed to dismiss a hulk hogan civil suit is denied. the former wrestler went inside the courthouse all in black. they asked the judge to throw out the $100 million suit against them for publishing a sex tape without his permission. the judge said no. new information expects less overcrowding in hillsborough schools. district agreed to use $28 million towards a new elementary school to prevent overcrowding. around the state lawmakers are
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current law requires a dog that severely hurts a person to be euthanized without exception. after a six month fight to save patty the labrador was allowed to live. if the person is illegally on property abusing the dog or owner or if the dog was defending an owner. sarasota county is closing venice public library by the end of the month. efforts to remove mold in the old building wasn't enough to keep it from coming back. the county is deciding whether to renovate a building to use it as a library or build a new one. update from manatee county. holmes beach is moving forward with plans to acquire parking permits.
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blocks will need a parking permit. ordinance will go for a second reading january 28th. 10 news will be there. this could be your last chance to become an instant billionaire. we are live at a convenience store in st. pete where everyone, everyone is convinced that they have the winning ticket. >> reporter: nobody believe me when i tell them to stop wasting their money, i really have the winning ticket here. i'm like millions of others out there fantasizing. what can i buy and who can i help? i'm told they have sold over 1800 tickets today and counting. the store receiving five cents a ticket. the manager says it has been
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for customers it is part of the billionaire. part fearing on missing out despite the long odds. >> i have never seen anything like it. why not me? >> reporter: get this powerball officials estimate 1.3 million of tickets are being sold every sale ends at 10:00. we don't want you to get caught offguard. deadline to buy tickets is 9:59 tonight. drawing takes place one hour later. you can watch it live on 10 news. coming up, it was one of the biggest holiday gifts around. >> hover boards are not welcomed everywhere for a couple of reasons. >> reporter: hover boards are becoming more popular at college campuses across the country.
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i'll tell you why usf could be putting restrictions on them. cloudy and cool start. i'm tracking thunderstorms in the days ahead. i'll show you which day we
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hover boards on college campuses. today usf debated banning them. >> colleges are concerned because of reports of them catching fire. 10 news reporter jennie dean explains why usf decided to take a different approach instead of an all out ban. >> reporter: check this out a student at the university of washington putting out a fire started by his hover board. 30 universities banned the boards for that reason. chance is one of a handful of students at usf now using a hover board to get around. >> parking is hard on campus. it is nice to be able to park it up to class. >> reporter: good news for chance, he'll get to keep riding the hover board despite the risks. >> primary concern with hover
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>> reporter: because fire safety is really the issue here. university officials regularly hold events like this so students can get hands on training putting out a fire. >> our concern is any electric devices. >> reporter: he isn't worried about his hover board. if there is a problem he is ready. >> i have a fire extinguisher at home and in my car. >> reporter: for now the university is just taking an educational approach reminding students that anything they are charging in their dorm room could cause a fire. safety officials are keeping an eye on hover boards as they become more popular. if they become a problem in the future they'll consider restrictions. in tampa jennie dean 10 news wtsp. >> there is more to this story. scientists are working on a smart battery to power devices
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came up with a battery that shuts down when it starts to overheat. researchers think the technology will make it in household products. you got me concerned about what might becoming up. >> alex. >> we have several things we are tracking. a tropical storm and we have our own cold front coming. it is a day you need to pay attention to the weather on friday. if you have not seen the forecast in that couple days we'll take you through it. subtropical storm alex if you follow, that was the low last weekend over the northern bahamas and went across the
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it doesn't have all the characteristic. sustained winds are there. gail force winds. alex, that means in june, ideally when we start the season, we'll be on the b named storm. as you see it winding up it is not a threat to the u.s. coastline. definitely an interesting talker. it is west of us we have to turn our attention that is the storm system that reg was talking about. if you have not seen the forecast if a couple days let's wake you through this. cloudy tonight. not expecting rain. you can see the making of what is going to be this low that we'll be tracking closely over the next couple days. that will slide across the gulf. it is going to be a player in our forecast here on friday. tonight and thursday steady she goes. cloudy and cool. not as cold as we have been. temperatures in the upper 50s to start our evening.
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cloudy skies expected and temperatures in the upper 50s for the next hour. we'll be mid 50s most of the evening and again not expecting rain for tonight. as we head into tomorrow, another chilly start in citrus county and hernando county in the 30s and 40s. around the bay area i think we'll see 50s show up at day break looking to start tampa's temperature at 50 degrees. i'm expecting winds to turn east. as soon as we take out the northerly component for the wind it should allow for more in the way of a warm up. about 70 for a high temperature. we'll likely briefly get there. the 60s. and mostly cloudy skies. if you live by the water or thinking of taking the day off 15 knots. on to friday. i think saturday would be a
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how to think about and approach friday. first half of the day frequent lightning and heavy rainfall and wind gusts topping 45 to 65 miles per hour. this will come with a storm that is in intensifying as it crosses the gulf. that means our tornado and water spout threat will be there. it doesn't look like a high threat. but a tomorrow or two where we see a tornado warning or brief tornado is possible. in the mix starting around 5:00 a.m. friday morning, some of the strongest storms coming across in the morning commute. something to be thinking about. and check back at 11:00. we'll see how this is developing and if the timing is staying the same. 5:00 a.m. until noon. we'll be on tv and we'll have been online talking about it at
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few day, if i had to say please watch this day closely, friday is the day. after that another front comes in on the second half of the weekend allowing for the first half of the day to be showers. maybe some isolated thunderstorms. it is a cloudy day. monday, the cool down is back here again. mornings in the low 40s over a lot of hillsborough county up north and high temperatures at best upper 50s and low 60s for monday and that looks to last through tuesday before we rebound next week. i'll see you with new models tonight at 11:00. we'll break down minute by minute on friday. we'll track it be with you now through the weekend. next week watch 10 news this morning for your chance to enter to win four tampa bay lightning tickets to the february 3rd home game against the detroit redwings.
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the word of the day monday through thursday.
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fact fans here we go. bucs latest search for a head coach in day seven. no new interviews set. other than saban saying i haven't been motivated to go anywhere else like the nfl. interview roster stands at
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latest was offensive coordinator derek cutter yesterday. he remains the favorite. 10 sports talked to dave moore today. he likes the cutter winston combination. >> they have a plan. they don't necessarily share it with us. they have a plan. hopefully they'll get it decided to work on free agency. >> i found this interesting. espn analyst hall of famer listed factors canidates face with the bucs head coaching job. first thing unstable atmosphere. organization that changes coaches a lot. this is five in nine years. it is a great market and great place to live. another note is no state income tax. hughe jackson took the cleveland browns head coaching job today. he is not interesting in
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look for them to draft a second overall pick. today is the kickoff of the 2016 fight for air climb for the american lung association 10 news morning anchor allison kropff emcees the event in tampa today. people will conquer the bank of america plaza by climbing every flight of stairs. >> i'm tired thinking about it. >> good cause. >> indeed. that's it for "10 news at 6:00". quick reminder there is one place you want to be at 10:59. that's here to watch powerball.
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